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Wellness Entrepreneurs & Leaders Network

Are you a wellness leader looking to grow your business, add clients, and strengthen your services? Are you looking for speaking opportunities to promote your events and business offerings? 

The Wellness Entrepreneurs & Leaders Network (WELNet) allows you to promote and grow your business by connecting you with other leaders to synergize your services and provide stronger offerings to your clients. 

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Why Join?

By joining the WELNet call, you can:

  • Promote your business & events

  • Grab a speaking spot an upcoming event

  • Share your contact info

  • Gather contact info of others in different specialties

  • Join forces to double your number of event attendees

  • Strengthen your events with diverse talent combinations (think meditation + music therapy)

  •  Connect with other wellness leaders to learn their success secrets and grow your business


Join our growing group on our next call to quickly promote your work!

Tuesday, February 20, 7:00 pm EST

Send an email for the event details and to be added to the list!

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