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Getting Started

It's easy to get started with a daily mindfulness practice. Our step-by-step program will guide you along your path.

Here's what you'll get by subscribing:

  • Our full suite of exclusive ten-minute guided videos. Topics include Intro to a practice, Being balanced, and the Sleep-Suite of videos

  • Monthly newsletters with added videos

  • Short notes to learn more about mindfulness

  • Access to online wellness events

  • Connection to your mindfulness coach

You can subscribe at any time by entering your email address below.


Start your journey to reduced stress, improved focus and increased overall well-being by joining the growing community today!

When you subscribe below, you'll get your first daily content:


4 Ways to Be Mindful on Your First Day












To gain a deeper experience of mindfulness, you can take the next step with one of our well-being assessments, which include a free starter survey. Or, you can upgrade to our expanded survey which includes detailed individual strengths results in five key personal qualities.  You can also bundle the assessment and advanced results with a starter trial subscription at a special price which can be cancelled at any time. 

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