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Increase Your Well-Being

Welcome! When you sign up for free to join the Ten Minute Mindfulness program, you take an essential step in improving your daily mental and physical wellness. You'll gain access to exclusive content to help you build a daily mindfulness routine to strengthen any fitness goals. 

Your Membership 

Mindfulness Simplified

It's easy to join us. Create your username and password to quickly access valuable content, including: 

  • Ten minute mindfulness audio sessions with unlimited access to increase your well-being

  • The Sleep Suite to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, leaving you refreshed the next day

  • The importance of gratitude & other written content

  • Monthly mindfulness calendars with daily tips

  • Well-Being assessment to determine your strengths and areas for growth

  • Personal assessment results and tips to strengthen growth areas

  • Access to live events

  • Free one-on-one coaching intro session to build your personal routine

It's simple and free to get started, so don't miss out! Join Now!

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How We're Different

Ten Minute Mindfulness is different than other meditation and mindfulness apps. All our content is created by me, a scientist (MS), certified meditation instructor (C-MI), and author of a best-selling mindfulness book. I've spent decades in the corporate world, and I know what workplace wellness in the real world looks like.

Most importantly, I'm personally committed and here every step of the way with you to get you started and keep you on track to your mental, emotional, and physical wellness goals. 

I'm always looking to personally spend time with you. Let's connect.


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