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Mindfulness Videos & Audios

Find our library of short mindfulness videos and audios here. Relax in a comfortable spot, use headphones if preferred, and give yourself ten minutes to de-stress and increase your well-being. 

Five Videos:

Introductory Video

Daily Motivation


Finding Joy!

Being Balanced

Introductory video (14 minutes)

This video will introduce you to the basic preparation for a mindfulness practice, and then will guide you through a Ten Minute Mindfulness session. No experience necessary, just find a comfortable place to relax and enjoy. 

Daily Motivation
00:00 / 08:30

Motivational Mindfulness video (8 minutes)

Click play for a motivational mindfulness audio only session to start your day.

Mindfulness on Gratitude (10 minutes)

Studies show that gratitude is a signature strength that leads to happier lives every day. Take ten minutes to positively impact your day.

Finding Joy! (10 minutes)

This easy to do video will help you seek the good in your days, and make it easier to find the things in life that make you happy.

Being Balanced (13 minutes)

At times it's difficult to balance the things we have going on in our lives. This video will help you balance difficulties and focus on effective solutions.

Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions. 

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