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Savoring Seasonal Flavors

Our first mindful eating topic is Savoring Seasonal Flavors. To get started on our journey together we’ll explore how to fully enjoy the unique flavors of holiday dishes and treats, focusing on texture, aroma, and taste.

You'll find several different practices, informational areas, and tips on today's topic, and you can try them at your own pace. Read through the various areas, find the components that best suit you, and commit to follow them for the next day or two before moving on to the next section. 


Engage All Your Senses

Savoring your food mindfully is a delightful practice that can transform mealtime into a profoundly enjoyable experience. To do this, start by engaging all your senses. Take a moment to appreciate the appearance, colors, and arrangement of your food. Inhale deeply to savor the aroma, allowing it to tantalize your senses. As you take your first bite, pay close attention to the flavors and textures that dance on your palate. Notice the crunch, the creaminess, the spices, and the subtleties that make each bite unique.

Slow Down & Notice

Another crucial aspect of mindful eating is to slow down. Put down your fork between bites, chew your food thoroughly, and savor each mouthful. This not only allows you to truly taste your food, but it also gives your body time to send signals of fullness to your brain, helping to prevent overeating. In addition, make an effort to eliminate distractions, like TV or smartphones, during meals. By fully engaging with your food, you not only cultivate gratitude for your nourishment but also a deeper connection with your body and the present moment. Mindful eating can lead to better digestion, improved satisfaction, and a healthier relationship with food.

Eating Hamburger
Eating ICe Cream

Easy Tips!

  • Engage All Senses: Pay attention to the colors, aromas, and textures of your food.

  • Chew Slowly: Take your time to chew each bite thoroughly, savoring the flavors.

  • Eliminate Distractions: Eat without TV, smartphones, or other distractions to focus on your meal.

  • Express Gratitude: Acknowledge the effort that went into preparing your food and express gratitude.

  • Mindful Breathing: Take moments between bites to breathe deeply and stay present with your meal.

Your Audio Session

Find a comfortable place, free from distractions, where you can listen to this 9 minute video on how to fully savor your food and engages your senses. 

Savoring your foodArtist Name
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Journal Prompts

  • Grab your journal and a pen, reflect on the following topic, then spend ten minutes writing out your thoughts and ideas. 

  • "Describe the last meal you had in intricate detail. What colors, flavors, and textures stood out the most? How did you feel while savoring each bite? How might you bring this level of mindfulness to every meal?"

Further Reading

Even the American Heart Association recognizes the benefits of mindful eating for our overall health. Check out the full article here: Mindful Eating: Savor the Flavor | American Heart Association

Online Learning
A woman taking notes in a notepad


Place visual cues in your dining area, such as an inspiring quote or an image of a serene setting, to prompt you to eat mindfully. You could also write today’s tips on notecards or sticky notes to remind yourself during meals.


You've made it through the first section of mindful eating during the holidays! You're on your way to a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying every moment of this festive season.

It's time for your self-check-in. Please share your thoughts before moving on to the next section of the program with the button below. 


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