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Mindfulness Membership Plans

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As an active, mindful member, it is easy for you to start on the path to improving your daily well-being and lowering your stress. Daily mindfulness practices teach you how to seek the good in your life, manage challenges, and flourish to become the best version of yourself.


Through mindfulness practices, you’ll find that you: 

  • Enhance everyday life, 

  • Deepen relationships, 

  • Get less triggered, 

  • Become more productive, 

  • Tap into creativity, 

  • Stress less, 

  • Cultivate inner peace, 

  • Uncover insights of wisdom, 

  • And so much more!


Sign up to access your 10-day, Ten Minute Mindfulness Challenge now!

Mindfulness Membership Plans

  • Mindful Membership Plan

    Every month
    Elevate your wellbeing with premium mindfulness content to strengthen your everyday wellness
    • Join the 10-day, Ten Minute Mindfulness Challenge!
    • Full access to Ten Minute Mindfulness audios & content
    • Well-Being assessment to understand your strengths
    • A customized mindfulness recording created for your needs
    • Access to live events to stay on track
    • Mindfulness calendars for daily tips
    • Access to your mindfulness coach for personalized guidance
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