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Featured Speaker at NY Health, Wellness & Business Expo

Aug 25, 2019

Somers National Golf Club, 1000 Somers Hill Dr. N, Somers NY
Health, Wellness & Business Expo

Tara Nylese 3.jpg

Are you interested in exploring ways to improve your Health & Wellness?  Then join us for this exciting event to learn about new products and services in these fields.

Tara Nylese, Founder of the Ten Minute Mindfulness™ Program will be giving a Featured Talk on Bringing Mindfulness out of the Studio and Into Everyday Life where she talks about how we can reshape the way we constructively deal with stress instead of reacting to it in order to overcome challenges and build new opportunities in our lives.  She will share tips that will help us get through stressful circumstances and hectic times in our family and home lives, as well as during our corporate or workplace challenges.
You will learn how to use simple breathing exercises during overwhelming carpools or during meetings that are running overtime to re-engage your focus and complete your tasks more effectively.  We will explore several practical ways anyone can learn to be more mindful and present in their life, and you will walk away with powerful tools to build your best moments in life.

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