This survey is your first step to learning more about important aspects of your well-being.  It is designed to gauge your overall wellness along with specific areas related to mindfulness.  Choose one of our options below to get started.


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Starter Survey

Start with a basic, shorter survey to assess your overall well-being.  You'll immediately receive your scored results and a description of important aspects of mindfulness.


Enhanced Survey & Results

Dive deeper into exploring your strengths, and explore opportunities to enhance your well-being.  This option will open up the in-depth survey with individual quality results in areas such as presence, self-awareness and connectedness.


Enhanced Survey, Results & Subscription

With this option, you'll gain deeper insight into your particular mindfulness qualities. You'll also receive a three month starting subscription with a customized weekly program content designed to connect you with your most relevant mindfulness content.

If you've ever wondered about Mindfulness, this is your best and easiest path to a more fulfilling way of life.


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