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Elevate Workplace Performance

DISC is a personality profile assessment that describes what motivates people based on emotional and behavioral styles, including orientation towards people or tasks and preferred pace.

What you can expect

Each participant will learn about their styles and of those that they interact with, using patterns and grouped descriptions of Dominant (D), Inspiring (I), Stable (S) and Cautious(C) styles.

What you’ll achieve

  • Improved teamwork, collaboration, and productivity.

  • Detailed reports of individuals and interactions between individuals.

  • A common language for your team to achieve goals.

One hour online training spots available for a limited time.

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Learn More about DISC!

What is a DISC Workshop?

Ten Minute Mindfulness is a licensed facilitator for Personality Insights which uses a DISC profile is based on the results of a DISC assessment (also known as a DISC test). The profile is unique to your personal selections in the DISC assessment that the Personality Insights system analyses to create helpful feedback for you. It provides insights about your personal strengths, your preferences in communication and your behavioral traits. Profile reports are available that range from concise formats (6-pages) to extended formats of 30-50 pages or more of feedback. Our profiles are intentionally positive and encouraging to help you be your best! Our workshops are built around each participant's individual profile, plus structured to gain insights into team dynamics and interaction profiles. 

What is a DISC Assessment (Personality Profile)?

A DISC assessment is a quick and simple way for you to determine your personality style. You answer a questionnaire where there are no right or wrong answers – just your choices on how you see yourself. A DISC assessment is also commonly known as DISC profile or a personality test. We do not prefer to call it a personality test, because it is not a pass or fail situation. Again, there are no right or wrong answers – just choices that you make.

Our DISC assessments use 24 groups of descriptive words that are presented to you to think about and make choices. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete the assessment. Your online personality assessment is tallied and used to create a personality profile report that will tell you all about yourself!

A Brief History of DISC

“D.I.S.C.” is an acronym or term that was introduced by American psychologist Dr. Willam Marston in the late 1920’s. He developed a personality model based on the ideas of four main behavioral traits that he referred to as Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance (hence “D.I.S.C.“). DISC has proven to be a useful in the workplace and for personal growth. Now, DISC is used by a number of companies who leverage the concept for use in many areas.

The founder of Personality Insights, Inc, Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D, has been teaching DISC for about 30 years. He studied DISC and found that, as he began to teach and train others, there was a need to develop better ways to present and explain DISC. He then refined his message and developed what he calls “The DISC Model of Human Behavior” where DISC represents more intuitive primary descriptors: Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive and Cautious. His approach is to be clear to make DISC easy to understand and easy to apply. Here is a basic diagram of The DISC Model of Human Behavior.

It's Time to Take the Next Step With Your Custom DISC Profile!

You may have just enough knowledge of DISC to feel that you can guess your strongest personality trait (for example “I am a D-style”). Be careful, because knowing your strongest personality trait is just the tip of the iceberg! Did you know that each person is a BLEND of ALL FOUR personality traits that can each be measured individually? 

Your unique personality blend can accurately be measured in only 15-20 minutes with a DISC test (assessment). Our assessment system gives you instant access to a customized personality profile report that will give you deep insights into your personality style along with practical tips on how to leverage your strengths, connect more quickly with others and be more productive.

Your profile report will show your personality graphs in detail that measure your natural basic personality style (the real you) as well as your adapted environmental personality style that you exhibit in your environment (what others tend to see).

Our profiles are different, because they are refreshingly positive. So, you can rest assured that the feedback you receive will be helpful and practical.

Building the Best Teams!

What are your chances of connecting well with another person? Did you know that two people have about a 40% chance of having a good personality match. Consequently, two people are likely to have built-in challenges relating with each other. Understanding each other’s personality style makes all the difference, and that is the basis for healthy communication. And, that is where a DISC profile comes in.

So, why GUESS and take your chances in relationships? Wouldn’t you rather KNOW your personality style and the personality style of those around you? Plus, DISC reveals your personality traits and areas of motivation. It also helps guide you to connect with others in a much better way.

Professional Benefits

  • Boost team performance

  • Gain insights for hiring and HR

  • Reduce stress (stress management)

  • Identify strengths

  • Get better results with people

  • Unlock your leadership potential

  • Improve team building

  • Improve communication

  • Gain access to online tools for individuals and teams

  • Be more productive

  • Become a better manager through understanding

  • Learn to “read people” better

  • Get career direction and alignment

Personal Benefits

  • Learn how you come across to others

  • Improve relationships through understanding

  • Quickly identify personality traits in others

  • Success with relationships

  • Develop amazing people skills

  • Obtain strategies for conflict resolution

  • Identify positive traits of ANY person

  • Reduce the time required to get to know any person

  • Learn how to encourage and connect with others

  • Gain access to fun and interactive learning resources

  • Personal development

  • Be more motivated

 This information is adapted from Personality Insights What is a DISC Profile (DISC Test)? – Personality Insights, Inc. (

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