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Your Next Steps

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Congratulations!  You've taken the next step to identify your personal qualities, and to build a mindfulness practice around your strengths and areas for growth.

This assessment evaluates 5 key qualities that are important in overall well-being: Presence, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Connectedness and General Wellness.

Your starter survey includes access to your overall wellness number which you should have received at the end of your survey.


A result of 80% or higher is an excellent score that indicates a comfortable amount of wellness, while still recognizing that there is always room for growth.

A result between 50% - 80% shows that you are comfortable in a variety of situations, but sometimes have situations that affect your stress level and side-track your ability to deal effectively with challenges. You will benefit from daily tips to help keep calm under pressure, and will see benefits quickly when you practice mindfulness regularly.

A result below 50% indicates that you encounter many challenges in your life that are difficult to constructively bring to an effective solution.  These situations regularly affect your well-being and likely impact your stress levels and ability to get through your day without being flustered.  Your health may also suffer because of regular, elevated stress which has been shown to lead to high blood pressure and heart rate.  You will greatly benefit from both formal and daily mindfulness practices when done regularly.  While it may be difficult to fit into your daily routine, even short practices will bring you results quickly, like simply remembering to take a deep breath before diving in to a tough decision.  You will benefit from more moments of peacefulness and clarity which will help you make good decisions and ultimately create more productive use of your time. 

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